When I discovered that, like hundreds of thousands across the UK, I was a victim of the cladding scandal I vowed to stand up to developers and the Tory government to get justice. Starting a national campaign with Ritu Saha and Giles Grover (End Our Cladding Scandal – EOCS) we have in the past two years scalped a useless Government Minister (Robert Jenrick), secured nearly £10 billion in funding from Government for cladding victims, and have made cladding a watchword for this failing government. 

While the Government have tried to meet the problem with half measures and empty promises, we have built a movement of thousands of homeowners up and down the country.

And we are angry, we are energised and we are prepared to take action to make sure hundreds and thousands of others like us the safe homes they deserve. 

Our campaign has created newspaper front pages, topped news bulletins, and been the subject of numerous documentaries, turning cladding from a technical issue into one of fairness and justice which has won over political plaudits on all sides.

The answer is simple: drag dodgy developers to the table to pay their fair share. Or stump the money up front and get it back from developers in the courts.

I’ve met with politicians of all colours but the truth is clear – the Tories are too tired and disorganised to end the cladding nightmare.

It’s been more than five years since Grenfell. And still hundreds of thousands of us are trapped with unsellable flats.

The financial toll is choking, but the mental and emotional toll are menacing.

Meeting with the Labour leadership including Rachel Reeves (pictured) it’s clear to me that Labour are the party with the energy and answers to get justice for the many  cladding victims up and down the country.

It’s time for a change. And I’m confident we can solve this mess, together.

We won’t stop until developers with deep pockets are made to pay, and the people who are suffering, especially Grenfell survivors, have justice.

End Our Cladding Scandal

Urgent Removal of All Dangerous Cladding
The Government must lead an urgent national effort to remove all dangerous cladding from buildings, including the prioritisation of blocks most at risk.

Government Should Provide Money Up Front & Recover from Responsible Parties 
The government should provide the money up front and then seek to recover it from any responsible parties or via a temporary levy on development.

Protect Residents from Historic & Future Costs 
Protecting residents from historic and future costs must be a key commitment of new building safety legislation.

Mental Health Support Must Be Offered to Affected Residents 
Mental health support must be offered to affected residents.