Supporting better business

My dad worked in Pizza shops for most of my life.

He had good times and bad. The success of his small business was the difference between a new school uniform or an old one some years.

That was in the 1990s. And unfortunately, this Government seem hellbent on making history repeat itself.

Reductions in reliefs, real business costs going up and avoiding allowances doesn’t sound like supporting small businesses – it’s abandoning them in their hour of need.

I understand the value that small businesses play in supporting families and building our communities.

The last Labour Government helped a bit with struggling businesses like my dad’s. But I want to see more support – small businesses are the backbone of our high streets and the lifeblood of our economy.

As a former small business owner, I know the importance of getting the right support to grow. Getting big businesses and local government to support small, growing businesses was a big part of my career.  And we had some success.

I’ve spoken at the UN and with the CEO of Iceland supermarket on making big business better.  And I’m doing more in my local area to make sure businesses that have been on the high street for years stay there.